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Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My background is in Advertising. I retired early in life and am creating a new one.  I have three Italian Greyhounds that I love dearly.  There is a special man in my life that treats me like a Queen. I have a group of girlfriends that I have known since I was a twenty year old.  They are more like family than friends.  I have three sisters and my Mom is still with us at 88 years young.  I Belly Danced with a group for a few years and had a blast.  My only child left this earth plain twenty years ago.  I still think of her daily.

I designed this site to provide you with products and services that I find interesting. Using my advertising skills I hope it is interesting, informative, and useful. For months I have been looking for the right pages for my site. I carefully weeded the poor ones out and kept only the ones with value.  I do receive a small amount if you decide to purchase any product listed.

I Am Daily Adding And Updating My Page With Useful Information.

My goal is to make you feel welcome and provide only the best sites from the Internet. I want you to come here whenever you need anything. You can be assured I have researched each listing thoroughly.

This Blog is your source for products and services that can make a difference in your life. Be sure to check back often. You are welcome to browse. This is something that is growing all the time, and it is here for you.

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My life’s philosophy is “What we send out into the world comes back into our own.” I try to live by it. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship. May we grow older together.



My Favorite Find


Direct Cellars Wine Club sends out a selection of Wine each month. Their knowledgeable and competent Wine Professionals taste-test each Wine. They choose the best Vino for you based on Wines they have tasted. Each month you receive different Wines. They find the most outstanding Vino from the United States, Italy, France, Argentina, Australia, Chile, South Africa, Germany, Spain and many more from across the World. You have the option of receiving two or four bottles a month on auto ship. Make no mistake, these are not cheap Wines but premium Vino. Should any of their selections arrive damaged or you do not care for, simply let them know and they will send a replacement bottle free of charge.